Music Therapy

music therapy
music therapy

Drawing on Music

A well-researched and effective program for change. You learn to let the music take you to places in your mind that perhaps you never knew existed. Helen Bonny

Drawing on Music is an empowering opportunity to gain insight and wisdom, purpose and direction, a connection with heart and spirit. This unique program combines carefully chosen music, relaxation and drawing of images in the circle of a mandala. The process consistently succeeds in tapping into the creative and intuitive resources of inner consciousness and wisdom.

Facilitator Betty O’Neill (M.Bus., Grad Dip E.R., Grad Cert Guided Imagery and Music, BSc., B.A.) has 25 years experience in successfully facilitating group processes in a variety of settings.

Each program consists of 6 x 2 hour small group sessions.
Every session involves:
Introductory discussion
Music and Imagery (drawing)
Action Steps and Closure

Drawing on Music program (6 sessions, including materials): $480
Thursday evenings, 6.30 – 8.30pm
November 3rd – December 8th

Visit to register for the program at Salt Rooms Australia in Bondi Junction or contact Betty on 0412 277 540 if you have questions.